Be In Control - Don't Let Noxious Weeds and Regrowth Timber Get Out Of Hand


Countrywide specialises in the eradication of all Noxious Woody Weeds and Timber Control using Herbicides (Grazon, Tordon, Velpar, Lontrel, Stinger and Metsulfron)

Some techniques are more suitable for control of particular species and in different situations than are others.

These include Mimosa, Boxthorn, Lime Bush, Ironwood, Sally Wattle, Black Wattle and all Wattle species, Prickly Acacia, Prickly Pear, Tiger Pear, Mother of Million, Green Cestrum, Cats Claw, Privet, Lantana, Chinee Apple, Wild Peach, Mesquite, Brigalow, Pink Box, Sandalwood, Bitter Bark, Tree of Heaven etc.

Stem Injection Axe

Using an axe, horizontal cuts are made into the sapwood around the circumference of the tree. While still in the cut, the axe is leaned out to make a downward angled pocket and the herbicide is then immediately injected into the pocket.

Brushcuttinq Cut Stump Stem Injection
Brushcutting Cut Stump Knapsack Spraying

The cut stump method involves cutting the plant/tree off completely at its base using a brushcutter (clearing saw) equipped with a Tungsten Steel Blade and then then a herbicide applied using a Tordon Gun and Bag or Clearing Saw equipped with a Tungsten Steel Blade and spray attachment attached to shaft of Brushcutter and Knapsack hose to spray stump with herbicide with the objective of killing the stump and root system.

Watch a video of the brushcutter in action

Spot Spraying/Foliar Spraying

This method is used with a Quik Spray Unit remote control Retractable Hose Reel System for Weed Spraying using herbicide diluted with water or diesel at a specific rate and sprayed over the Foliage, individual weed plants or areas.This unique spraying system uses high pressure low volume technology to reduce spraying time and chemical usage.

Basal Bark Spraying

This method involves mixing an oil-soluble herbicide in diesel and spraying the full circumference of the trunk or stem of the plant. Can be done with a knapsack or Quikspray using low pressure.

Pine Cutting

This method involves using a Brushcutter (Clearing Saw) or Chainsaw to cut down Pine - no chemical required.

Watch a video of us pine cutting

Chemicals and Weeds

The use of herbicides is sometimes the only practical and selective method of managing certain weeds. Herbicidal applications are usually cost-effective control methods to increase carrying capacity and value of your property. As a responsible user of herbicides Countrywide consider all aspects of safety and mixing of chemicals.


With decades of accumulated experience and specialized staff who are continually reviewing and updating our methods of Weed and Timber Control. Family owned and worked so as to remain in control of the standard of works delivered. Zero tolerance to alcohol and drugs — regular drug and alcohol checks. Well equipped camp. Safety is a priority focus at Countrywide.

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