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Weed Profile - Privet - broad-leaf (Ligustrum lucidum)

18th Sep 2020

How does this weed affect you?

Privets are considered to be serious environmental weeds throughout Australia. Infestations threaten biodiversity, including endangered plant and animal species and ecological communities. Dense stands of privet prevent other vegetation surviving or establishing. Broad-leaf privet invades ecosystems including subtropical and coastal rainforests, rainforest margins, warm-temperate and dry rainforest, wet and dry eucalypt forests, grassy woodlands, grasslands and riparian vegetation. 

Where is it found?

Broad-leaf privet originates from eastern Asia. It occurs as a widespread weed in coastal and tableland areas of New South Wales.

How does it spread?

Privet seeds are commonly spread by fruit-eating birds. Birds such as pied currawongs, silver-eyes and rosellas can spread the seed widely into previously uninfested areas. Privet seedlings often germinate in clusters, as a result of birds regurgitating the seeds. Birds and rabbits assist germination by removal of the soft coating around the seed.

Controlling spread

Wide dispersal of seed by birds cannot be controlled; therefore controlling the spread of privet requires the removal of seed trees and young seedlings before they produce seed.

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Source: NSW WeedWise

Photo Credit: John Tann